Adoption Counselling Associates

Jackie Poplack and Lisa Kreindler are experienced adoption practitioners who work collaboratively to provide a wide range of adoption and adoption-related counselling services to clients including:

  • Adoption consultation

  • SAFE homestudies

  • Pre- and post-adoption services

  • Birth parent counselling

  • Individual and family counselling

  • Workshops on adoption issues

  • Follow-up, support and supervision to families who have adopted privately, internationally or through the child welfare system (Children’s Aid Societies)

    The offices of Adoption Counselling Associates are located in midtown Toronto easily accessible by public transportation.
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Adoption meets the needs of children by transferring the ongoing responsibility from birth parents to adoptive parents. A new kinship network is created, forever linking birth and adoptive family as well as significant others who may have been part of the child’s life before adoption.